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Finance & Trade Center Building, Karachi

Fabrication Erection of Condenser Piping System of Co, Generation Power Plant.

Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), Sanjwal District Attock.

Fabrication Erection of Thermal heating Piping System including Insulation.

Liberty Textile Mill, Karachi.

Fabrication Welding of Boiler Piping, Economizer, Including Erection of Auxiliary Equipments and Flue Duct.

Pak-Saudi Fertilizer Ltd. (PSFL), Mirpur mathelo Upper Sindh

Replacement of Co2 Tower (Column upper half) and Replacement of Ammonia Vessel SS Dish End, SS lining during the Annual T.A.1994

Procter & Gamble Pakistan Limited , HUB, Balochistan

Fabrication, Installation of S.S. Piping in Bar Soap Capacity Increase Project Hub Plant Balochistan.

Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd. (PARCO), PS-1 Karachi

Fabrication Erection of 300 Cubic Meter (Volume) Capacity Stainless Steel Storage Tank for Dynea Pakistan Hub Industrial Estate Balochistan.

Fauji Fertilizer, Bin Qasim, Karachi

Removal / Re-Installation of Pneumatic Control, Pressure Control and Non Return Valves during the Annual Turn around 2004


Supply, Fabrication installation Platform, Walkways, Hand Railing, Steel Structure, Louvers, Sandblasting and Painting.


Removing / Reinstallation of PSVs, PCVs & NRVs, 456 Nos. Turnaround 2007.

Century Paper Mill, Phool Nagar (Bhai Pehru) at 67KM Lahore.

Fabrication Erection of 77 Nos. Stainless Steel (Storage Tanks) weight 489 ton of different volumes Capacity


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